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All Inclusive Golf School Vacations

All Inclusive Golf School Vacations

Chances are you’re tired of playing the same old game of golf. If your efforts to improve have been unsuccessful and met with frustration, let us help: 

At the America's Golf Schools we will bring about dramatic changes in the way you think, practice and play golf. 

Instruction communicated in a simple, understandable, and concerned manner gets results. You will acquire a foundation built on lasting fundamentals, a golf swing with just a few basic thoughts, and dramatic improvement in your game!

The America's Golf Schools boasts one of the most impressive reputations in the golf school business for over 30 years. Our school’s variety of award-winning packages along with flexible programs make it the popular choice for players of all abilities. 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a casual weekend player, or an aspiring scratch golfer, there’s a program for you at the America's Golf Schools. You’ll learn every facet of the game, including putting, chipping, pitching, bunker techniques, specialty shots and the full swing. Course management and mental aspects of the game are also covered. 

Along with being an Official V1 Golf Academy, all students get 3-6 to12 months of free video analysis once they have left the school.

Our schools are tailored to the individual. For a more effective learning environment, you’ll be grouped according to your ability. At our schools, you won’t find yourself placed in classes with an overwhelming number of students. Instead, you’ll be taught in groups of 1:1 through 4:1, depending on the package you choose.

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