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America's Golf Schools Teaching Philosophy

America's Golf Schools Teaching Philosophy

We teach people, not systems. 

There are no two golfers alike, nor is one method of instruction equally effective for all types of players.

That’s why at any of our nationwide PGA programs, you are taught according to your unique physical ability. 

You will learn to complement your strengths, to concentrate on those aspects of your game that require the most obvious improvements.We will help you understand the fundamentals of the golf swing relevant to your body type.

With the use of high-speed video equipment we will help you develop a more consistent golf swing, one that works with every club in your bag. You’ll learn self-analysis in concert with appropriate practice techniques. We will help you understand the process of learning, the process of applying simple, repeatable motor skills. You will achieve an understanding of the correct fundamentals, and ultimately maintain these fundamentals for your golfing life.

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