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Standard Award Winning Package

Standard Award Winning Package

Standard Award Winning Package

The Standard Award Winning Package includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Lunch Daily
  • 5 Hours of Daily Instruction
  • 3 Hours of Daily Training Covering All Facets – Putting, Pitching, Chipping, Sand, Full Swing, & Video Analysis
  • 2 Hours Daily On-Course Instruction - Covering All Facet Learned In Morning Session, Along With Course Management & Strategies, with Concentration On The 100 Yards & In Game

All Elite Golf Group programs offers you the ability to improve your game in all facets. All our instructors have extended training, not only on the full swing, but also in our "Performance Zone" program.



Some of the short game fundamentals you will learn are as follows: 

  • Importance of both path and blade in putting 
  • Distance control in putting - Hit your wedges closer to the hole 
  • Chip with confidence and accuracy - Control your distance and spin 
  • Hit sand shots up and out of the bunker every time 
  • Learn to hit creative shots to escape difficult lies and situation 
  • Manage your Scoring Zone shots better
  • Unlimited Golf With Cart Fees for Days of Academy
  • Max 4 to 1 Student to Teacher Ratio - All Academy can be Upgraded to 1:1 or 2:1 Ratio
  • V1 High Speed Video Analysis
  • V1 Video Locker
  • Free V1 Video App for IPhone & Android
  • 1 Months Free Video Follow- Up Via Internet
  • State of the Art Facility for Improved Learning
  • Golf Schools Great Golfing Notebook
  • Award Winning PGA, LPGA and PGTCA Professionals
  • Take Home Practice Program
  • Learn the Power of Correct Practicing
  • Unlimited Range Usage
  • Commuter Package – Golf & Lunch only
  • Guaranteed “Lowest Cost” or we send you the different.

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