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The US Golf Schools Junior Academy is offering 1-2-3 day schools throughout a number of cities year round. Check our program to find a date and location that works best for you.

We offer special rates, accommodations and activities for youngsters and teenagers, ages 10 - 17. Golfers of all skill levels thrive while learning methods of mastering fundamentals, the scoring zone, practice like a pro and on-course strategy. We work with each player's current skills, encouraging each to improve within his or her own game. Juniors get 7 hours of rigorous training daily. By 5:00pm, they have earned free time for swimming, tennis, bowling, relaxation or many other activities depending on the location of choice.

A personalized videotape will be recorded and given to each junior golfer to take home. This is a unique feature to our junior golf schools that is essential for continued game improvement long after the school has ended. Students will be completing station rotations covering full swing with both irons and woods, putting, chipping, sand play, pitching and specialty shots. Everyone will take home a notebook containing notes from each of their instruction stations which will enhance the use of their personalized video of their specific needs and improvement strategies.

Numerous week's and locations are set aside for only Junior Golfers. Below is a list of our Junior Golf School Schedule

If you want to pick your own dates and location, all we require is a group of two (2) or more juniors to register for the same dates and location. You will be privately group together to receive the complete junior golf school package.

Click here for dates and locations.

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